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dtach: Beauty in sparsity

I have known about dtach for a long time. I’ve used dtach briefly to free virtual console space.

But dtach is such a slim tool and has such a narrow focus that I wonder what it could offer in the stead of either screen or tmux.


(Danger: 1024×768 gif.)

That’s about all dtach does — detaches from a terminal and reattaches soon after. I suppose there’s not much more to ask of it; people that I know who use dtach want that function and that function only.

On the other hand, I do like that I can name a socket, which makes it easy to reattach to one later.

If you like the idea of detaching from a terminal, but don’t want the stoic classicism of screen or the dynamic complexity of tmux, dtach might be an answer.

One quick final note: I mentioned dtach when I mentioned dvtm. Oddly, I see these two working together quite nicely. It might be that I just was introduced to them both at the same time. Of course, you could substitute anything you wanted. …