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fonter: A classic, with side benefits

Console fonts are a thing of the past, really. It’s rare to find a new console font, unless it’s just a spinoff of something intended for the graphic arena.

Short of Tamsyn, which I remember being fairly new a couple of years ago, I rarely hear about new console fonts. Of course, I don’t really go looking either.

I don’t know how to make a new font, or how the font pros do it. I suspect a long time ago, fonter was a legitimate tool.


The Freecode page for fonter looks a bit sparse, with a note from 1999 (?!) saying the project is still alive.

I have my doubts though. And while fonter would compile and run, it segfaulted at the same point on two different machines.

What’s left of it is functional, but not really usable. I couldn’t get much done with the few controls that were left to fonter.

Odd point though: Apparently fonter prefers to run in the virtual console, and not under X. I tried it in nearly every combination, just to make sure I wasn’t screwing up somehow.

But I got the same errors each time. fonter might have lost some of its practical sheen, and so I shall leave my font design career to gather dust for a while longer.

“So, K.Mandla,” you’re thinking. “Why drag out a program from the late 1990s, and show that it doesn’t quite work? You’re not really doing much that’s avante-garde here.”

Well, true in part. But you see, when you install fonter, you also get … crakrjak …


elite …


ledfont …


and sloppy.


And like I said, it’s rare to find a new tty font. 🙂

So if your console adventures include something Led Zeppelin-ish (ooh! crawl with this would be … would be … trippy … yeah, man … ) or leet-ish, you’re in business. Enjoy. 😉