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dxcc: Exhausting my quota of exclamation points!

While I search line-by-line through my list of a thousand programs, I run into a lot of stuff I know nothing about.

I enjoy learning things, but it’s a sad fact that sometimes I dismiss things out of hand, just because they’re so far removed from my frame of reference.

But sometimes … I find cool stuff! Here’s dxcc:


What does all that mean? I don’t know! But it looks cool! :mrgreen:

I’m being facetious. I have a very primitive idea what ham radio is, and I know there’s a lot of stuff in Debian (and other distros) aimed at radio operators.

Why? I couldn’t tell you. What does dxcc do? I don’t really know. Should you bother installing it? I haven’t a clue! :mrgreen:

But this is kind of cool too!


A graphical version! I’ve never been so excited about something I don’t understand at all! ­čśÇ