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dmidecode: Due diligence

In case you hadn’t noticed, or in case it wasn’t obvious, I am getting close to the end of the D section, and drifting into software I have no business installing.

Not that these things are somehow verboten, they’re just esoteric or for an explicit group of people, or beyond the reach of casual newbs like me. (And yes, I consider myself a newb. Always have, always will.)

But in an effort to be fair to software that’s working and available, I’m mentioning it out loud here. Maybe it will never crop up again in my lifetime, or maybe it will be crucial down the road somewhere. Or for someone else out in the world.

All that being said, here’s dmidecode.


I understand in general and primitive terms that dmidecode and its sister tools read BIOS information and display it at the terminal. That much is clear just from the man page.

But I couldn’t tell you, even at gunpoint, how information like that would be useful except to people who work with the very core of GNU/Linux, perhaps writing drivers or building … kernel … stuff. 😐

Like I said, in a lot of things I’m a newb. dmidecode is available and works perfectly on my hardware, which might mean that I am lucky.

If information like that is useful to you, or if you find dmidecode to be a worthwhile addition to your software suite, please enjoy. I consider these last few posts to just be due diligence. 😉