xrestop: The irony is palpable

I am not surprised that there is a top-like tool for monitoring the X Window system. After all, there is a plethora of *top tools aimed at any aspect of your hardware or information flow, and X is not that special. On the other hand, the fact that xrestop is intended to run in a […]

iftopcolor: Please do not feed the bloggers

If you think you can win my affection just by taking time-honored mainstays of the Linux software landscape and injecting them with color … well, you can. neosrix left a note late last year about a colorized iftop — rather cleverly called iftopcolor — and I should have known better than to wait this long […]

sntop: A simple, network kind of top

For as many *top programs as there are, it shouldn’t surprise me that there’s an sntop. It should surprise me that sntop is a little … different. sntop doesn’t really poll anything local, unless you tell it to test your loopback address. Otherwise, sntop checks servers — or other addresses, like a network access point […]

ntop: With special guest star yeahconsole

This is ntop — another of the breed of “console programs” I have on my list that do, in fact, run at the console, but their main product is something graphical. And just to prove that ntop is indeed running in the background. … In brief, ntop collects network information and presents it at regular […]

htop: Needs no introduction

Seriously, I doubt very much there are people left in the world who don’t know about htop. Not including it would be a blasphemy though. In a very real sense, htop has everything I look for in a well built console application. Color galore, svelte profile, clean line drawing, menus for configuration and commands. And […]