Bonus: A dozen more remainders

It’s been a while since I had to post some leftovers, but I managed to weed out a dozen titles (plus one, I suppose) that escaped me. As always, you may have better luck than I did with these, so by all means, give them a try.

  • asap: Short for Another Slight Atari Player, I felt somewhat obligated to look over this one after taking a swing at stymulator. However, what I got from the packages was really just an audio converter and no playback application that I could find, so I lumped this in with the “no audio codec-specific players” rule. If you try it, keep in mind you’ll need audio files in a particular format before you can do anything with it. Supposedly has a plugin for moc, but that didn’t work for me either. In AUR.
  • mcrypt: I was going to take a look at mcrypt as an alternative to gnupg, but I couldn’t come up with a use that was much different from the example I gave earlier. If you’d like primer, cruise past TuxDiary and their introduction will get you started.
  • ncxbacklight: Controls the backlight through an alsamixer-ish interface. Louis sent me a link about this a month or two ago, and I tried it a few weeks after that but couldn’t get it to work on two different machines. I asked Louis and he said it worked at first for him, but now didn’t. Perhaps the program changed a little bit, or perhaps I just have incompatible hardware. In AUR.
  • netdiag: Debian has a package called “netdiag,” but it apparently does not stand alone and only serves as a metapackage of sorts for other tools, like netwatch and trafshow. If there’s an individual executable named “netdiag” in there, I didn’t see it.
  • owl and owl: The first owl is a programming language with some connections to forth, and the second is a text-based chat for AOL and MIT Zephyr instant messenger services. The first may be interesting to you but doesn’t really fit my purposes as an application, and the second looks suspiciously similar to the barnowl tool of a year ago. The first is in AUR but not Debian, the second is in Debian but not AUR. Pay attention, there will be a test later. … πŸ˜‰
  • radio: This package is apparently only in Debian, and as best I can tell offers access to /dev/radio0. I assume that means it’s intended for use with an external radio of some sort, which I don’t have. This might be floating somewhere in Arch/AUR, but I couldn’t be sure what was what.
  • rss2imap: In AUR only, but I couldn’t install it because some of its dependencies weren’t up to date with packaging requirements set by pacman/makepkg (the new demand for a package() section is starting to irritate me). If it were just one dependency, I’d probably go in and hand-edit it, but rss2imap has a lot of dependencies — a lot. 😯
  • the_platinum_searcher: A search tool like the_silver_searcher or ack. In AUR, but failed to build for me from git. 😦
  • varnish: A caching tool for servers that supposedly works as an HTTP accelerator. I say “supposedly” because I lived through the era of “download accelerators” that swore they could squeeze download speeds of 4 and 5KBps out of a lousy 56K modem. And we all know how well that worked. … πŸ™„
  • vtgrab: In Debian only, this I expected was tool to monitor other tty screens, much like conspy did. Unfortunately, I never got more from it than garbled text, even when built from scratch in Arch. It is possible I was using it wrong. That happens. 😦
  • wmutils: I had wmutils on my list, but they’re primarily commands to manage X windows. I have no qualms with that, but it just couldn’t satisfy my search for a text-only application. In AUR only.

So there it is. Give yourself a free hour or two and see if there’s anything in the list that amuses you. Remember that my failures never mean these things are unusable. πŸ˜‰

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  1. Mads Johansen

    Varnish is for websites to use, not for individual people. It sits in front of the webservers, between you and the website. uses it among many many many others.

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