aop: Two points worth bragging about

aop — which is short for the far more enthusiastic title, “Ambassador of Pain” — has two points that are worth bragging about. The first is that it’s a fairly straightforward, easy-to-figure-out text-based arcade game.

2014-11-28-6m47421-aop-01 2014-11-28-6m47421-aop-02

Arrow keys control direction. Touch anything other than the level exit, and you leave a little powerball there and lose a life. Pick up your own powerball and you get that life back. Get as many points as you can, and move quickly, because points are quickly deducted for as long as it takes to leave a level.

Okay, so what’s the other point?

Well, aop takes up all of 64 lines of code in C. And yes, I checked. It might even qualify as slightly smaller, since there are three or four lines of comments in there, plus a blank line or two. Science is served.

As a game it’s not anything that you’ll lose sleep over, and actually I find it moves a little too fast for my liking. I don’t see speed controls or adjustments anywhere, but I’m not overly worried about that either.

It’s a game, and it’s 64 lines long. How much more do you want? 🙂


5 thoughts on “aop: Two points worth bragging about

  1. thameera

    For me, building aop with ‘make’ failed. Looked up on the net and got it working by manually building it with: cc aop.c -o aop -lncurses
    (Actually I had to put the -lncurses flag at the end of the command)

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