gpcslots1: A portrait of the artist as a young man

I’ll keep this quick, since it’s a predecessor to another game we saw a while back, and by the looks of it has a little less refinement than the one we already saw. Here’s gpcslots1, which appeared on Sourceforge shortly after we saw gpcslots2, courtesy of an echo from the void.

2014-11-19-jsgqk71-gpclots1-01 2014-11-19-jsgqk71-gpclots1-02

Startup was in the same way, with perl gpcslots1 as the gateway to your gambling addiction. 😉

As best I can tell, gpcslots1 only plays slots, although you get the option for different funding and stakes. Controls are very straightforward and most are given right on the screen, at the start.

It also follows the same arrangement as its progeny, placing most of its “animation” at the lower left corner of your screen space, but this time arranging the tumblers in a vertical style. The graphics are acceptable, but obviously predate what appeared in gpcslots2.

And perhaps that’s the most we can take away from gpcslots1: The sense of evolution between this original version and the widely expanded, more refined version that came later.

I can’t really endorse the early version over the later one, but it’s interesting to see the changes that came about. 😉