gist: So long as I am eating crow. …

I might as well go ahead and get a second helping of humility. After royally fumbling klick, I need a second smack in the head to acknowledge my error with gist.

Yes, I’m afraid I can’t just pretend I didn’t flub this one too.


My mistake was confusing this for another pastebin-style uploader, and discounting it on the grounds that the other one required an account signup. Sorry. After 1100 posts and ~1500 software titles, it gets hard to keep track. I should have a list or an index online somewhere. … 🙄

The real tragedy is, when compared to other pastebin tools I’ve seen in the past two years — like elmer or uppity or some others — gist is one of the better ones.

Some of gist’s cooler functions that I’ve noticed: automatic URL shortening through, direct hookups with both xclip and xsel, updating existing gists with just the address hash, and one-time account authorization with the --login flag. Nifty.

One thing I’ve seen other tools do that I don’t see offhand in gist: Access to several different hosts. But I suppose that’s the nature of the tool, and what’s available through Github Gist.

At this point, with the landscape of pastebin tools largely dependent on what site they can access, I imagine the choice of tools might shift to what services the target site offers. For that reason it might make sense that gist wins fans among programmers.

Just from the upload page you see in the screenshot, you can fork an uploaded snippet, watch revisions and clone it off the page. I can see the appeal among coders; someone’s random list of words quickly becomes the next killer app. :\

So hopefully now I’ve done my penance for both klick and gist, and made up for one mistake and one misunderstanding. 😐