dradio: Not to be blamed

I got a tip about dradio from a frequent contributor who prefers anonymity. If I could coach people on how to make a decent text-based interface, dradio would be a good place to start.


Simple arrow keys to select a station, and enter to cue it. Super-big logo. There are playback controls visible in a pop-up help box, and one or two at the command line. Clean and simple.

dradio is a frontend to mplayer and is more or less hard-wired to connect only with Danmarks Radio. Which leads me into the only problem I had with dradio: No audio (or for that matter, video) output. Checking the log shows the corresponding address connecting and resolving, but after that … nothing.

I don’t fault dradio for that, since force-feeding mplayer with the same addresses that are available from dradio’s configuration files yields an identical amount of nothing.

So either the links are wrong, or have moved, or are disallowed on geographic bounds (I am not in Denmark right now). In any case, it appears the fault is not in its stars, and dradio is doing as much as it can to bring music to my ears.

It’s a shame that dradio apparently isn’t open to other radio stations though; I suppose I could try to trick it into opening, for example, a stream from soma.fm (because I’m sure it works) by writing it into the configuration files. But otherwise I think dradio is a one-band man.

If you have any clues for me, on how to prod dradio into action, please let me know, I can always do with a little audio entertainment. 😉