gpcslots2: In a different direction altogther

I fought too long and hard to bring conquest up to a working state — and still walked away empty-handed — to spend too much more time on console games today. So I picked an easy one this time. Here’s gpcslots2:

2014-10-16-2sjx281-gpcslots-01 2014-10-16-2sjx281-gpcslots-02 2014-10-16-2sjx281-gpcslots-03 2014-10-16-2sjx281-gpcslots-04 2014-10-16-2sjx281-gpcslots-05

I don’t see many casino games at the console, which means either I haven’t been paying attention, or they just aren’t out there.

gpcslots2 (I haven’t been able to find gpcslots1) is interesting for a couple more reasons. For one thing, it’s just a giant perl script. Download the one file from Sourceforge, and start it with perl gpcslots2_0-4-5b. No compiling, no fighting with permissions or groups. That’s a nice change. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

The choice of games in gpcslots2 is also unusual. I’ve been to a few casinos in my time, but I don’t recall Russian roulette being one of the games offered. O_o Craps, yes. A slot machine, yes, and straight roulette, of course. But nothing that staked your life for a meager 25 chips. ๐Ÿ˜•

gpcslots2 does all its “graphics” with straight ASCII characters and color combinations. I’m using a wide aspect framebuffer these days for screenshots, and as you can see, gpcslots2 will trap itself in the lower left corner on each screen refresh. If your terminal fits those dimensions you might get the illusion of animation, but otherwise it leaves a lot of space unoccupied.

On the other hand, the screen space it does use, it uses well. And I like the small touches to the animation, such as the split displays for tumblers on slot machines. Rather than just center each shape, gpcslots2 takes the time to show tumblers stuck between symbols. Nice touch.

gpcslots2 is a decent casino game and doesn’t break any major rules of engagement. It has a few oddball additions to the classic casino suite, but I’m willing to accept those as fun expansions on the traditional theme. It’s not the greatest casino simulator ever, and it doesn’t pay out real money, but it’s acceptably satisfying. ๐Ÿ˜‰

P.S.: Not in Arch/AUR or Debian.


8 thoughts on “gpcslots2: In a different direction altogther

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  4. echo_from_the_void

    gpcslots1 has now been uploaded as per your request. (the predecessor to gpcslots2)

      1. echo_from_the_void

        Regarding a .deb package:
        GPCSlots2 will never likely be a debian package.
        The debian maintainers do not like the authors social
        beliefs and have thusly rejected the request
        for packaging and inclusion into debian.

        The “bug” (RFP) has been tagged as “won’t fix”
        If you aren’t a progressive, the debian people
        do not want your software, they state this here
        in more concise words:

        Opensource isn’t about code anymore, it’s
        about community and beliving and professing
        the correct thing. If you do not believe
        the correct thing you are removed (example: Ted Walther)
        or your software is attacked and removed from its
        host (As gpcslots2 was in the past by feminists: )

        How do you feel about this change?

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