conquest: Much time spent, not much to show

I should use a stopwatch while I work with new software, and when the timer reaches a certain point, just put it down and call it quits. If it hasn’t yielded some sort of fruit after 20 or 30 minutes, experience tells me a program isn’t likely to satisfy me.

That, unfortunately, was the case with conquest, which is another title that has evolved over generations to become a space warfare game with a Star Trek theme.

2014-10-16-2sjx281-conquest-01 2014-10-16-2sjx281-conquest-02 2014-10-16-2sjx281-conquest-03

Disappointing, I know. I spent an awful lot of time working on those screenshots, and never did really get a “game” going. It runs, as you can see, but I have yet to see a planet, a sun, another ship or even just a speck of space dust. I am alone in the universe, floating like a bubble on the sea. 😦

Of course, I’m just connecting to a local game, and I’ve probably screwed up the settings somehow. I do that a lot. Maybe someday when I have more time to myself, I’ll hunt down what ails conquest. For now, getting the program to run was enough of a challenge. 🙄

For the record, and for future reference, this is what I did to get it working in Arch. conquest requires that you be part of a group called “conquest,” which really confused me for a bit. In any case:

  1. Make a group called “conquest” and add your user to it. Logout and login to make sure the new group is applied (newgrp alone wasn’t doing it for me).
  2. Compile the source code; I added --disable-gl --disable-sound just because I knew it would take me more time to find the GL and sound dependencies.
  3. Make two folders at /opt/var/conquest/ and /opt/etc/, and chown them so you can modify the contents.
  4. Copy conqinitrc from the source folder to /opt/etc/conquestrc
  5. touch /opt/var/conquest/conquest.log, because for some reason not having any log at all causes a warning message when the daemon starts.
  6. As root (or with sudo),
    1. Create a master configuration file with ./conqoper -C
    2. Initialize the game settings with ./conqoper -Ie -E
    3. Start the game daemon with ./conquestd -d
  7. From there, if the gods smile on you, you should be able to start the text-only client with ./conquest … if not, well, we tried. 😦

conquest is in the Debian archives, and this bug report was helpful in figuring out some of that procedure. I am still at a loss for why I am the only person in the universe, but maybe you can give me a hint.

Regardless, from now on, if it takes more than 30 minutes to get a game working, it’s going on the “Omit” list. 👿 🙄


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