dfc: The way it should be done

This is dfc, and this is how disk usage tools should behave:


That’s just clean, and easy, and clear. Well-labeled, with human-readable denominations and consistent use of color. Adjustable to the width of the terminal, with the addition of filesystem types, and a few other points of interest.

I can’t find a fault to report, unless I want to pick at its choices in color. And given that I can fix that in a few moments by editing .config/dfc/dfcrc, my complaints would be weak indeed.

Plus, dfc wins mega points for converting its output into vanilla HTML. That means you’re only a few keystrokes away from converting the above output into:


You Latex fiends get special attention from dfc too, as do the csv warriors in the crowd. dfc is that helpful. 😎

In fact, I can’t find a thing unlikeable about dfc. I’m more than willing to hand out a coveted-yet-valueless K.Mandla gold star to this one: ⭐ Enjoy! πŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “dfc: The way it should be done

  1. Theodore

    Is my new fresh slackware b0rked, or the blog breaks images using broken ssl urls?
    Changing from https to http, I saw that dfc and it’s alot better than every du frontend πŸ˜€

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