galaxis: A combination of puzzle and logic

I found a lengthy list of console games last week, and so I have quite a few to add. I know we just had three games yesterday, but I have another I wanted to offer today: galaxis.

Apparently Galaxis was a Macintosh freeware game from decades ago, but I don’t recall seeing it. Of course, I didn’t spend much time with Macintoshes either. :\


This version remakes the original game in a text-only environment, and with color (and maybe mouse support). It’s not a new game, even if it is relatively new to me.

galaxis reminds me of Minesweeper in a way: You “sound out” your targets by selecting cells, and the results are the number of targets visible from that cell, in any of the eight orthogonal directions. Select enough cells in the right locations, and you should be able to pinpoint and mark the locations of your targets.

As puzzle and-or logic games go, I am willing to give galaxis acceptable marks, adding that neither genre is particularly interesting to me. I can find no faults with galaxis, unless it seems to confine itself to a 80×24 area, in spite of what size my terminal is. In some cases, that might be a good thing.

The long and short: If games like these are interesting to you, give galaxis a try. It has some similar points, but might be unusual enough to win you over. 😉

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