ipcalc and pipcalc: More than a one-letter difference

I’m going to lump ipcalc and pipcalc together today, for reasons that are probably immensely obvious just from looking at their names. And since neither one takes up much screen space in its default form, I can squish them both into one screenshot.


And there you have it. Both programs calculate IP information given a particular address, and return extended results. As far as I can tell neither one needed actual network access to accomplish that feat, so I believe they could be of use on an offline machine too.

And it’s likewise obvious from looking at that screenshot, that there are some intricacies in the way both programs display their results. ipcalc is considerably more detailed (and colorful 😉 ), and pipcalc is considerably more succinct.

Networking always has been, and probably always will be, a weak point for me, so how either of these tools — or sipcalc or prips, for that matter — are of practical use is a bit vague.

I will leave it to those of you with more experience and more need to tell me which of these four is the most useful. Me being me, I’m most likely to just pick the one with the most color. 🙄