bmon: Hey Ridley. …

After looking at nbwmon a couple of days ago, I skimmed through my list of remaining titles to see how many network monitors were left. I found one — bmon.


I remember bmon as one of the last posts I made before the old blog went into cryogenic hibernation. That alone surprises me since it has taken a couple of years to bring it back around again.

bmon is a great monitor to just let run. If you’re troubleshooting a line, some other monitors with flashy blinky lights might give you the information you need, but bmon will break things down in much greater detail.

It can also watch multiple interfaces and maintain statistics for each, doesn’t need superuser privileges to run, and has the good sense to warn you if it needs more screen space, rather than just crashing outright. 🙄

You can’t see it in the screenshot, but there are parts of bmon that have color. And pressing “?” gives a brief help window.

I started the version you see above with bmon -o curses, which starts an interactive session. bmon has a non-interactive (?) mode as well, but I won’t even touch on that. After flipping buttons and switches in the full interface, the other doesn’t really interest me. I am so predictable.

I’m on the fence with this one, because I feel like I’ve seen it before. But bmon has all the right moves — a full-screen interface, the fine-point details, onboard help, a smattering of color and brains enough to prevent its own implosion.

Ah, heck. I’m feeling generous. Have a world-wide-famous K.Mandla gold star: ⭐ 😉

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