archey3 and alsi: What all the cool kids are doing

When I kept appending screenfetch with the phrase, “or something like it” earlier today, I was doing that because screenfetch has kindred in archey3 and alsi.

2014-09-09-6m47421-archey3 2014-09-09-6m47421-alsi

archey3 on the left, and alsi on the right. And as you can see, they differ only in presentation, and in the ASCII art.

Well, that’s not entirely correct, since there are some underpinnings that are different. screenfetch used scrot by default for a screenshot. archey3 uses imagemagick‘s import tool, but alsi seems content with scrot as well. All three have options that allow you to change that.

From what I can see, screenfetch might be the only one that supports distros other than Arch. I might be wrong on that point though, so don’t hold me to it.

screenfetch was a bash script, archey3 is a python program, and alsi is written in perl. And as you can see, each one pulls out slightly different information on your system — some even polling hard drives or graphics processors.

One or two take png screenshots by default, and jpg in the others (as you might be able to tell from the poor readability around the blues and grays).

And that’s about where the comparison ends. Of the three, alsi appears to be the most flexible, as far as which outside programs you can use, and what ASCII art will be displayed. Don’t necessarily take that as an endorsement though.

At this point, the question becomes one of preference: Whose art do you like best, what colors do you prefer, and what information do you want to share? A question of aesthetics, really. 🙂

P.S., yes, there is an archey and an archey2. For purposes of convenience, can we agree that this covers both of those too?