fluxcapacitor: Now you have time for everything

I have a program here that I don’t quite know how to explain, even though it’s fairly obvious that it’s working. The aptly named fluxcapacitor allows programs to run without timing constraints … which is how I would explain it.

Maybe this will help. I’ll borrow from the home page example, because it makes the most sense to me:

kmandla@6m47421: ~/downloads/fluxcapacitor$ time sleep 12

real	0m12.003s
user	0m0.000s
sys	0m0.000s

That much is obvious. But then there’s this:

kmandla@6m47421: ~/downloads/fluxcapacitor$ time ./fluxcapacitor -- sleep 12

real	0m0.018s
user	0m0.007s
sys	0m0.003s

Quite obviously, what we have here is a way to negate time. Well, this changes everything. Download files in fractions of seconds. Compile software in minutes instead of days. Turn your 486 into an i7. Search for aliens. Fold proteins. Cure cancer and the common cold. Achieve world peace. We certainly have time for it now. šŸ˜€

Well, maybe not. šŸ™„ I can see where fluxcapacitor would be helpful in some situations, like troubleshooting software that imposed delays on you, or maybe some network testing problems.

But to be honest, I think most of my personal applications wouldn’t be too far improved by fluxcapacitor. I’ve read the author’s examples and I think they make sense, I just can’t think of anything I do on a day-to-day basis that would benefit from it. :\

I shall keep fluxcapacitor in the back of my mind, and save it for emergencies. Like when I am late to work in the mornings. šŸ˜‰

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