darkstat: Making an exception again

Last time I saw darkstat, I had some misgivings about including it among console-based software. I am having those same thoughts again, now.

2014-08-30-6m47421-darkstat-01 2014-08-30-6m47421-darkstat-02

The problem is, I have entertained a lot of programs in the past that lean more toward the graphical, even if they do a lot of their core work at the command line. Looking back, I probably shouldn’t have fudged with things like lilypond or even mplayer or inkscape, because in retrospect, they just aren’t intended to run at the console alone.

darkstat falls into the same bracket. It’s a fantastic network traffic monitor, has a great array of graphs and charts, but is really intended as a browser-based interface to your network.

True, it can dump your traffic in hex, to the console.


But that’s a rather humdrum task for a program that’s doing lovely things within X. If there is another mode or another way to see darkstat in action, other than pointing Firefox at, I haven’t found it.

Please don’t get me wrong: darkstat does a fantastic job and if I had a proper server running (god forbid) and needed to connect remotely and see what’s happening to it — within the last few minutes, few hours, days or even this month — darkstat would be at the top of the list.

But if I ever repeat this little adventure and cruise through console software again, darkstat won’t be included. No more exceptions. 😐

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