Bonus: A dozen more remainders

It has been a few weeks since I listed some programs I either couldn’t access or couldn’t wrap my head around. Here’s another dozen for you, to experiment with on your own.

In some of these cases there’s no reason to doubt the software works, only that I lack some important ingredient to bring it all together. You’ll see what I mean. …

  • cdup: I got a link to cdup late last year, and it’s been languishing in my vimwiki folder for a while. It’s very clever: cdup jumps up through your $PWD to match a directory you want. So if you’re at /usr/share/icons and you enter cdup pixmaps, you should end up at /usr/share/pixmaps. The question in my mind has always been whether to include it as an application or just show it off as a script; you can decide which it is. Supposedly for zsh, but works fine for me in bash.
  • conserver: Allows multiple users to watch a single serial console. This sounds like a good idea, but it also sounds like I lack the necessary setup. In my imagination, it behaves a lot like screen -x.
  • cowpatty: cowpatty conducts WPA/WPA2 dictionary attacks, which ordinarily sounds like good fun to me. Unfortunately, cowpatty only gave me errors about the pcap file (?), which I take to mean it doesn’t like the current version of libpcap. This is another of those titles where I am way out of my depth though, so I might have completely kludged it up.
  • dbsniff: Purportedly a tcpdump-like tool but easier, this dates back to 2004 and the source code (which is linked on that page but is tricky to find) wouldn’t compile for me in Arch Linux. If your interest has reached desperation level, there are precompiled Windows binaries. Go get ’em, tiger.
  • facy: Dennis e-mailed me the link for facy just today, along with an acknowledgment that I don’t have a Facebook account and so I wouldn’t be showing much, if I installed it. The home page is promising though. Lots of color. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • gtask-cli: A Python tool for use with Google Tasks. I do have a Google account, as you probably already know, but this will require you register a project with Google. I know this is trivial, but I’d prefer not to start up another project at Google, just to try out a console task manager. Perhaps another day.
  • lyvi: lyvi sounds cool — a lyrics viewer intended for use with a lot of different music players. Unfortunately, all I ever saw with lyvi were error messages, most stemming from Python libraries. See if it works for your system.
  • rainbowstream: This unfortunately puts me in the same boat as facy, above: It looks quite appealing, but I have no Twitter account, so I can’t test it. I could show startup and help screens, and that’s about it. If this is interesting to you though, don’t forget about the half-dozen other alternatives. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • t-display-manager: I’ve seen this packaged as t-display-manager, tdm or even console-tdm. I tinkered with it not long ago when cdm was a hot topic; this one eludes me, escaping my best efforts to configure it properly. Another text-based session selector is a good thing though.
  • textract: I’m probably not being fair by omitting textract, but it is admittedly a wrapper for antiword and a bunch of other text conversion tools. So it feels like I’ve covered it already.
  • unicornscan: I promised I would look at unicornscan again, and I did, and this time all I got were errors. It’s always possible I’m using it in the wrong way, but even the example commands from the home page were rejected. I have a feeling something is impeding its evolution.
  • A command-line tool to extract weather information from This too requires an API key and special account, and out of fairness to gtask-cli, I shall pass here as well.

I think that’s good for now. Like I said, a lot of this probably works fine, but I don’t have the account or the equipment to make it work. Give it a try and see if you have any luck. ๐Ÿ˜‰

4 thoughts on “Bonus: A dozen more remainders

  1. ids1024

    Did you install python-pillow when trying lyvi? It appears to be required, though labeled as an optdepend in the aur.

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      I thought I did, because I usually install anything optional when I try new stuff, but I’ll give it another chance later today.

      1. ids1024

        Also, some players require configuration to use with lyvi. See the man page for more information. I am useing lyvi with pianobar right now and it is working fine for me.

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