csv2xls: Back to the harmless and mundane

After yesterday’s foray into the dark and sinister worlds of password cracking and torrent searching 🙄 , today we’ll play the innocent and take a glance at csv2xls.

2014-08-09-6m47421-csv2xls-01 2014-08-09-l3-b7175-csv2xls-02

What could be more upright and resepectable than converting a plain old csv-formatted address list into an Excel spreadsheet? And I mean that with all seriousness. 😐

As you can see above, csv2xls did a precise job of converting my database into a spreadsheet, accessible by LibreOffice and likely Excel too … but I don’t own a copy of that, so I can’t be 100 percent sure. 😉

I’m tempted to stop there and say, “Yup, it works. Let’s move on.” But I see a couple of options in the man page that might be worth pursuing.

For one thing, my spreadsheet was only 100 names long. That’s no monster, and I doubt that csv2xls worked very hard to convert it. By default csv2xls will dump one csv file into one xls file, but the -l option will break it off after a certain number of lines. Successive entries are put into numbered files, ad infinitum, ad astra.

I can see the usefulness in that, but I can’t actually see a case where I personally would need it. Unless I churn out a 1000-line csv file and break it apart by hundreds, just to amuse you. O_o

One other curious and related note: If your csv file has a header line, csv2xls will keep that header across line-split files if you use the -H flag. So you needn’t worry that your grade sheet or customer invoice will lose its header row across files.

And I suppose I should mention that the default delimiter for csv2xls is … a semicolon. 😕 Remember to use the -d flag if your comma-separated values are actually (gasp!) separated with commas. 🙄

I’ll leave it at that. csv2xls does a good job, I encountered no errors, and it has enough options to make it useful beyond the obvious. If only it didn’t talk so much. … 😉

P.S.: If you’re looking to go the opposite direction, check here or here. Hey, now you can convert your csv files to HTML. … 😯 😎