hey: More anti-aliasing

After my less-than flattering assessments of betty, I got a note about hey. hey behaves, more or less, in the same fashion as betty, but perhaps with the addition of an “interactive mode.”


If you actually slogged through all the words I typed about betty, you’ll probably have a good guess at my opinion of hey. hey differs from betty on a few minor points, has its own list of identifiable commands, and might even handle scrambled word sequences better than betty.

But there’s not enough here to set apart hey from betty, and redeem either in the process. hey is doing much the same thing as betty — obfuscating some otherwise straightforward console commands (like the rename command, which would require much more typing than just mv) in the name of plain English.

hey has its own batch of idiosyncrasies, too. Just find file hey.py yields errors, unless the file name is enclosed in quotes. The command to download and compress the Google home page apparently worked satisfactorily, but yielded a file with a random name and no identifiable compression.

And while find me a restaurant did in fact open elinks to a list of restaurants in San Francisco, so did find me a laundromat. 🙄 Not to mention that I am not in San Francisco. 😐

I appreciate the efforts. hey and betty are about on par for me, but neither is the natural language interpreter it hopes to be. And neither is necessarily simplifying life at the console, so regardless of what you desire from betty or hey — whether it’s natural English comprehension or just an abbreviated console experience — I have the feeling you’ll walk away unsatisfied.