google-translate-cli: Mostly because it works

I haven’t seen a whole lot of CLI-level translation tools that impressed me much. But google-translate-cli seems to work very well, and doesn’t require extensive keyboard gymnastics to get results.


Enter just about any non-English string and you’ll get a translation straight from the Google hivemind, with the accompanying caveats about accuracy. That’s not the responsibility of google-translate-cli, of course; you should blame that on Big G.

Surprisingly (or perhaps not), google-translate-cli is just an awk script. If you’re expecting mongo dependencies to pull down the text, convert and format it, you’ll be disappointed. In fact, the AUR version built from git clocks in at a whopping 7.00KiB, if pacman -Qi is to be believed.

Pay close attention to the ins and outs of google-translate-cli. There are ways to convert to multiple languages, from multiple inputs, and to convert files directly — no need to pipe them or dump them.

I have no real complaints or suggestions for google-translate-cli; it satisfies me mostly because it works, but also because it does the job without sucking in dozens of dependencies or offering unnecessary flair. Clean, crisp, light and functional: Perfect. 🙂

P.S.: Why two programs from the G section today? I don’t know … because the gods ordained it. 🙄