colour: Something to build on to

I’ll show you a snapshot of colour, and you can decide if you’re willing to build upon it.


colour is remarkably similar to colorwrapper, but will probably require a little more effort to bring up to the same level of flexibility. Both programs use profiles to filter program output and insert color.

But while colorwrapper (and rainbow for that matter) seems to have a few more profiles available to it, colour has only two that I see — and both of them are intended for nodetool, which I think is somehow related to Apache Cassandra. That’s waaay beyond my scope.

But colour comes with a couple of example files by default, so what you see in the screenshot is just those examples pumped through their respective profiles. I’m afraid I can’t show much more than that.

And since colour doesn’t seem to have any other configurations, I’m out of ways to use it. I know I should probably start making my own, but I’m short on time and only halfway interested in building up a collection of configurations for colour.

And probably you’ll be in the same boat. If you find colour promising, you’ll likely spend some time drafting your own configurations, for the programs you like and use.

It’s your decision — colorwrapper or rainbow, the more complete utilities … or colour, the underdog with potential. 😉

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