glyrc: A music search, for everything but music

For the meticulous music collector, I have a suggestion today that you might find intriguing: glryc.

2014-07-25-lv-c5551-glyrc-01 2014-07-25-lv-c5551-glyrc-02

Technically speaking, glyrc is a command-line tool for the glyr library, which is specific to retrieving lyrics, cover photos, guitar tabs … you name it, from a list of online hosts.

Seems to me, the only thing it doesn’t retrieve is the music itself. We can’t have that, now can we? :\

Supposedly glyr is use in a few music players, but it works just as well with its command line tool. Tell glyrc what you want to retrieve, add a tag for the artist and/or album, and wait patiently while it does its work.

Perhaps even more useful would be to wire glyrc into a script that reads through folders and subfolders, and pulls down all the metadata for each album in your collection. If you’re one of those people who manages their music, that is … and doesn’t rely on the application to do that. 🙄

There’s not a lot more I can show you about glyrc, even though there’s a lot more potential here. My favorite point thus far is the option to download backdrops (think: wallpaper) by artist or album. Rabid fans can pull down an image a day and rotate through their collection, if they have a smidgin of coding expertise.

I’ll leave you to explore glyr and glyrc further; its usefulness and appeal will be directly proportional to your taste in music, and your need to flesh out the metadata of your collection. 😉

2 thoughts on “glyrc: A music search, for everything but music

  1. Theodore

    Everyday another command to avoid using google from palemoon for searching things, yay! 😀

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