iftopcolor: Please do not feed the bloggers

If you think you can win my affection just by taking time-honored mainstays of the Linux software landscape and injecting them with color … well, you can.


neosrix left a note late last year about a colorized iftop — rather cleverly called iftopcolor — and I should have known better than to wait this long to check it out.

As best I can tell, it’s feature-identical to the standard iftop utility, but adds blue and green indicators for up/down transfer speeds.

Which in turn makes iftopcolor much more readable than its progenitor. Don’t get me wrong: The original is an excellent program. But just by virtue of its layout and the way the animation works, it’s particularly difficult to read — especially when it’s running wide open.

If you keep an eye on transfer stats, iftop alone is useful, but iftopcolor is a giant leap forward in ease-of-use. If you have a machine with multiple interfaces, I daresay it will be a lifesaver.

And I feel gratified to see a useful tool like iftop get a healthy swath of color. :mrgreen: Now ladies and gentlemen, you know the rules: Please do not feed the bloggers. 😉

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