cfdisk: Somehow overlooked

ls vimwiki/ | shuf -n1 has again spoken again, and this time it has pointed out my error in leaving cfdisk out of the lineup nine months ago, when I traveled through the C section.


cfdisk uses ncurses to work as a disk partitioner with some graphical elements. I amuse myself by saying it always intended to look and behave like the original, clunky IBM fdisk utility, but got beaten to the name by fdisk. But they’re both from the util-linux package, so I don’t suppose it matters who claimed the name. 😉

I also imagine you probably know your way around cfdisk since it is included by default in just about any distro you could mention. I honestly can’t think of anything offhand that would split away cfdisk and force you to use only fdisk. Or parted.

A small curiosity: The Arch Wiki, which I hold with the same reverence that some religions afford their holy texts, suggests that recent versions of cfdisk don’t align the first partition correctly.

I can attest to seeing some partitions start off-center, which sometimes causes an error message when polling a drive’s partition layout, but it didn’t seem to cause any damage to my system, so I paid no attention to it.

I can’t find any other information on the problem right now, but a deeper scrape of the Intarnets is probably warranted. It may also be that by this date, the error has been ironed out, and the wiki just needs updating. Or maybe you’re reading this in the future, and it has already been fixed, and you’re wondering what I’m yammering about. O_o

Regardless, I will be honest in saying that cfdisk is my tool of choice, when building new systems or setting up USB drives. I appreciate fdisk for its precision and history, but I like my visual arrangements, thank you. 😉