Bonus: X is for extinct

You probably saw this coming. A few days after the W section closed, the X section is exhausted. Here’s what’s left, keeping in mind the classic rules for omission.

  • xine: I feel a little guilty about skipping over xine, but I rationalize my guilt by pointing out that it has far less in the way of display or controls than mplayer, and no real flags or controls that make it stand out. I apologize if you’re an xine fan. It’s just not nearly as noteworthy as, for example, vlc’s ncurses interface.
  • xls2csv: I believe I held this up to the light when I looked over catdoc.
  • xorriso: This was another tough call, but I decided to make my ruling on the way the home page describes xorriso: as a “ISO 9660 Rock Ridge Filesystem Manipulator.” If it’s a filesystem manipulator, I’m inclined to leave it out on grounds that it’s specific to one exact filesystem … even if I know it’s probably just an ISO file editor tool. In any case, this looks like it could support a blog of its own. 😯 In Debian as xorriso; in Arch as libisoburn.
  • xsh: An editing shell for XML. The only XML-related title I didn’t try my hardest to include, and that’s because it’s a shell. :\

That’s it. X is done. Y is next. 行こうよ!

2 thoughts on “Bonus: X is for extinct

  1. CorkyAgain

    You’re right, I _ex_pected it.

    Somewhat sad that this _ex_cellent series is coming to an end.

  2. parisian

    What a load of hogwash, the only reason X may go extinct is because of snivelling little slime balls like you.

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