Bonus: V is for vanquished

That certainly didn’t take long. The V section didn’t have a lot to start with; here’s what’s left. Of course, the standard omissions apply.

  • VirtualBox: There seem to be a fair number of console-based accessories to the VirtualBox tool, and I think if you know what you’re doing with VirtualBox, you’ll know which tools are best for you. I don’t use it enough to know the importance of any one of them.
  • verse: The home page that I have for this redirects to the Blender home page. I believe it is some sort of protocol for 3D image transfer.
  • vippr: I’m having difficulty understanding this. It seems like a sniffer that can be triggered on specific traffic, but I’m not confident in moving forward with it.
  • voip: This sounds more like a category than a title. 🙄
  • vpnc: A VPN client for Cisco 3000 VPN concentrators. I haven’t got one of those.
  • vsftpd: I could probably vouch for vsftpd. After all, eight years ago I crammed it into a leftover laptop with no hard drive, piled the configuration data on to a USB drive, and used it to transfer data files over the Internet. No minor feat, and something that amuses me even eight years later. Then again … it’s been eight years. Either way, it’s more of a server daemon than an application.
  • vsound: vsound bills itself as a virtual audio loopback cable, that pipes the output from an audio process into a file. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to actually produce. Every attempt ended without an output file, and vsound was smart enough to realize nothing had been made. This is a little bit old, so I suspect it’s out of date.
  • vtun: Creates virtual tunnels over TCP/IP networks. I will probably skip this, much like I skipped over some other virtual network software.
  • vwm: The Viper Window Manager should work in a way similar to twin, as a text-only window manager. I have seen this work in the past, but it wouldn’t work for me under Arch.

I have a few links to plugins for vim. I might come back around to look at some of these in the future.

Believe it or not, that was all. The W section is probably the last section to hold a considerable number of titles. Let’s get started.

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