sl: Yes, you knew this was coming

Since forever, I’ve been hearing about sl, a tiny little console gimmick that reminds you when you’ve misspelled “ls”.


I can honestly say I very rarely make that mistake. I know sl has its fans; perhaps they get the locomotive effect a little more often than I would.

And given that sl only does one thing … that means this post is done.

P.S., I tried four times to get that screenshot, so I hope you appreciate it. 😡

9 thoughts on “sl: Yes, you knew this was coming

    1. livibetter

      I am not sure if you can compare two since they are made for different purposes.

      Calling it “silly” isn’t really fair, if you really take a look close look at `sl`, do you know it has more than 3 versions of trains in ASCII animations? The locomotive `sl` was born in 1992, and the other `sl` was only in 2011. When a name is already taken and so well-known, but someone still tries to use the same name, I blame the second person who tries to use the same name.

      Nonetheless, from the look of the webpage, it seems like a good tool. I will definitely check it out when I have time.

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  2. John

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever mistyped ls as sl either (but then I usually use ll anyhow), but sl made a great prank. I changed a coworker’s profile so that their PROMPT_COMMAND was sl – every time he executed any command he’d have to wait for the train to cross the screen again.

    1. livibetter

      Glad you are not my colleague or too bad you ain’t, depending on whether I was the target or not. Anyway, if you are looking for an idea for next year, try something call “kernel rickrolling” it was fun a few years back. Every media file could be rickrolling.

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