podracer: Not quite the man podget was

Another podcast downloading tool today: podracer.


Despite the obvious allusions to certain portions of a particularly rancid string of sci-fi movies, podracer does what it claims to, and pulls down podcasts from the ether.

And in contrast to podget from yesterday, it does so with a minimum of setup and a minimum of gab.

Which is both a good thing and a bad thing. If you’re into silent software, it’s a good thing, but if you’re like me and enjoy some sort of interaction with your computer, it’s not so great.

podracer will give you a sample list of podcasts and download them the first time you run the program. That’s nice. And if the home page is to be believed, podracer has support for bittorrent too, so it can draw in podcasts that are available via torrent.

It has a long list of other features, punctuated with the assertion that it’s “the winner of the pod race.” Not sure what race that was; perhaps that’s something from back in 2006, when the last update was posted.

And I’m also not sure why the Debian version needs screen as a dependency, but I see where podracer supposedly uses screen to seed files downloaded via torrent. How? Another mystery.

All in all I don’t know that I have a preference for this or podget, or for that matter goldenpod. I think podget suits me better though. It’s a bit more verbal. 🙄 That, and podracer doesn’t seem to arrange its products in the same nice, organized way that podget did.

Which is an amazingly trivial complaint. Fact remains, I don’t need or use podcasts enough to care or have an opinion on a download client. You decide for me.

AUR has a PKGBUILD for it, which I will mention obliquely because it’s quite out of date and doesn’t build correctly. Just so you’re aware. 😉

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