Bonus: O is for over and out

I knew letter O wouldn’t take long. The real surprise this time was how many programs starting with O weren’t in Arch but were included in Debian.

That’s immaterial though. Here are the remainders, with the usual restrictions in place.

  • obexftp: As I understand it, this is file transfer software specific to certain models of cellphones. I am quite sure I don’t have one that it would work with. 🙄
  • odtwriter: I read that this was a tool to convert restructured text to OpenOffice format. If my detective work is sound, then this has been incorporated into docutils — and judging by the file lists for both Debian and Arch Linux, there’s something akin to rst2odt in both.
  • oidentd: If I understand this, it’s a login daemon … which I wouldn’t have a clue as to how to get started with. I struggle with agetty sometimes. 🙄
  • Open Tax Solver: If you are an American, this might be of interest to you. It appears to be keeping stride with annual tax changes, but I don’t know how useful or comfortable it would be. And of course, if you’re not American then … well, maybe there is console tax calculation software available in Linux for your country. 😐
  • OpenGL: I imagine that, like mplayer or inkscape, OpenGL does have some functions available to it at the command line. But this strikes me as one of those tools I would need another whole lifetime to learn. 😦
  • openvpn: I passed over this because I don’t have a VPN, but if you do, I imagine you either already know how to use it, or you should probably learn. One of these days I will get off my lazy backside and get one of those.
  • os: I can only assume I meant “operating system,” in which case I’ve really opened this up to a wide range. 😳

And that’s all. Next up is the P section, of course, then a quick jog through the Q section, before starting in on R, S and T. I honestly don’t expect to finish all those before the end of summer. There are around 500 titles in P-R-S and T alone, let alone what’s in between them all.

I guess we’ll be at this for a while, then. … 😕


3 thoughts on “Bonus: O is for over and out

  1. kowalski marcin

    obexftp can be used to send files to any bluetooth capable phone. Not really sure it’s that rare. Works on my fairly old nokia, so i don’t think it’s that obscure.

    obexfs is a bit better imho.

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      My apologies, I can see from your comment and from thisnameisfalse that it’s a little more than I thought.

      The problem is that I have a very stripped down phone and so don’t have a way to test it. If you can get it set up and show it working, please share. 😉

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