NetworkManager: I have been mistaken

It’s tough to admit when I am wrong. Until yesterday, any time someone mentioned NetworkManager, I instinctively scowled.


As luck would have it though, I was wrong. It seems that deep within the bloated corpse of Gnome, there’s a functional little console network monitor.

Of a sort. If you’re looking for a full-scale console-application network connection manager, like wicd-curses, it’s going to feel a little sparse.

And if you’re looking for a signal monitor like wavemon, it’s not that either.

nmcli (and nm-tool, I guess) seems to be the best way to grapple with the actual daemon — called NetworkManager, as you might expect — that should be running to make it all work.

Far as I can tell though, there’s no easy interface for NetworkManager, aside from the command line and a flag for “prettifying” the results.

My distaste for Gnome and its shenanigans might color my opinion here, but I feel NetworkManager, without the graphical interface, is a bit of an underachiever.

It could do with a lot of the things that wicd-curses or even wifi-menu, out of netctl, does.

I can’t complain too much; it does its thing and I guess it’s not too bulky without its Gnome baggage. On the other hand, better options are available. In my opinion, of course. 😕

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