netmask: Does … exactly that, I guess

Today’s tiny irony: The netmask application is listed in AUR but points to Debian as its source. I enjoy that when it happens. 😉

As best I can tell, netmask does only one small thing:


Shows the netmask for target addresses, either locally or in The Great Beyond.

I see that it has a few options to it, for showing results in a variety of formats. I’m sure one will fit your needs.

Try as I might, I don’t see where it does much else. Perhaps it is complete in its simplicity … ? 😕

Regardless, I’m sure someone will clue me in, if I’ve overlooked netmask’s grandest feat. 😐

4 thoughts on “netmask: Does … exactly that, I guess

  1. Ander

    Hello. I know this is offtopic stuff, but I tweaked a console EPUB reader based on existing code from (the existing one didn’t look for XML based ebooks) . You just need “html2text” and “unzip”.

    Here is the code:

    if [[ -z “$1” ]]
    then echo “Usage: ./ book.epub”
    FILELIST=`zipinfo -1 “$1″ | grep -E ‘\.xml|\.html’ |sort`
    for FILE in $FILELIST
    TEXT=”$TEXT `unzip -caa “$1” “$FILE” | html2text -width 70`”
    echo “$TEXT” |less

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      Cool. If you don’t mind, I’ll add it to the list for the E section, and give it a test when I get back around the alphabet. Which should be in … 2019. 😯 😉

    2. Ander

      Oh, then just rename the script to something like … novel-cli 😉

      Just kidding. Anyway, give thanks to the author if you want, I just added XML support thanks to a regex change to grep and a message for wrong typed arguments.

      The script is easily hackable. Instead of ‘echo “$TEXT’ |less”, you just can replace it with a speech synthetizer like Festival, and enjoy listening a ebook if you are busy at work.
      ###choose whatever TTS engine you want
      TTS=”festival –tts”
      #TTS=”espeak -v en -p 40 -s 140″

      echo $TEXT” | $TTS 2> /dev/null
      Enjoy and thanks for your efforts.

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