Bonus: A casual stroll down memory lane

I haven’t posted many links lately, beyond source code sites and home pages. This grabbed my attention yesterday though, and I took the time to read through the first page or so.

Like a lot of quasi-journalistic efforts it becomes a little long-winded, but I enjoyed a look back at the pre-56K days.

I’ll be honest and admit a lot of the BBS heyday was lost to me because I was living in underdeveloped areas of the world and didn’t have even the rudimentary technology described there.

But what little I saw at the tail end was nostalgia enough.

The moral of the story? Even when I complain about bells and whistles and fancy glossy embossed 3D buttons on software that is so bloated as to be unmanageable, things are still a lot better than they were at 2400bps. 😕