XaoS: Off to a good start

I’m going to jump out of alphabetical order for a moment, just so I can start the new year off with a bang. Here’s XaoS, and this time, you get an actual video. Wow.

XaoS is a “fractal zoomer,” and while it does have extensive graphical support, it also can send strictly text output to a framebuffer, as you see above.

And considering that is a measly 1.6Ghz Centrino machine with a moldy-oldy ATI Mobility FireGL 9000 card, that’s not too shabby.

XaoS has about a billion options for you to play with, including a lot of preset fractals that look good either graphically or as a text-based animation.

Now I know there are some of you out there who are terrifically narrow-minded and find it hard to believe that there’s anything practical to be served by eye-candyish toys like XaoS.

But I’ll close this the same way I usually do for eye-candyish toys, and point to tmux and screen, and their options for screensavers. Oh … and Happy New Year. :mrgreen: