Bonus: K is for kiboshed

Well that was quick. There weren’t many in the K-section to start with, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that this only lasted a few days.

And of course, I am sure there are more out there. If you know of anything else that starts with K, I’d be happy to tack it on to my list, for the next trip round the world.

Same rules apply. Here we go …

  • kernelcfg: Unless I am mistaken, this is a very old kernel configuration routine that came about in early(er) versions of Red Hat. I think the kernel uses make menuconfig still; I don’t think kernelcfg is around any more. I didn’t find it in Arch or Debian. Other than the link above, my best reference is this page from waaay back in 2003. If I’m wrong, please let me know.
  • kerneltop: Apparently this is still in Debian, but required profiling in the kernel and at boot time, and so it didn’t quite work for me. I don’t see this in Arch or AUR, unless it’s lumped in with something else.
  • ksh: This is AT&T’s Korn shell from decades back. As I mentioned, I’ll pass on shells. If you want to start a blog centered around just shells, I think it would be a great idea to sit with each one for about a month at a time, and give your impressions.
  • kuvert: I feel a little guilty for not doing more work with kuvert, but if I understand it right, it’s a wrapper that automatically encrypts emails as they depart your system. I really like that idea, but I suspect that would require me to set up a mail system and establish a public key before I ever got close to really working with kuvert. Knowing me, that could take weeks. … 😦
  • kvm: Assuming this means kernel-based virtual machine, and not keyboard-video-mouse, then this might be a long thread to chase in suggesting it’s a worthy console application.

You can probably see why I included a couple of applications that I couldn’t even get (proper) screenshots for — there wasn’t much here to start with. I am 100 percent sure the L-section will not disappoint though. Get ready, this one will take a while. … 😯