kkm: For Debian fans with a wild streak

I felt a little bad that the earlier post about kbd didn’t really pull in the Debian crowd too, so I’ve got kkm here to keep you interested.

As I understand it, kkm is a wrapper to simplify apt-get and aptitude, and whether or not you like it will probably depend on your level of satisfaction with the traditional Debian commands.

And seeing as most of the Debian fans I know are fairly loyal to apt* and company, kkm might be a hard sell.

But if you’re both a Debian follower and a bit of a wild child, then this might work well for you.

Personally I see no fault in it, but I am a regular yaourt user … for much the same reasons that form the rationale for kkm. pacman is genius, I don’t deny that. But yaourt bridges the gap between pacman and AUR. 😈

If kkm can pull off the same stunt between apt-cache, apt-get and aptitude … well, you see where we’re going.

Anyway, no screenshot this time — my Debian machine is offline with hardware adjustments. You’ll have to install kkm and see what it looks like for yourself.

And then tell us what you think. Let’s see how many swirlies we can convert, shall we? And how many cling fiercely to aptitude‘s built-in minesweeper game. 😉

P.S.: Updated only days ago. … 🙂

6 thoughts on “kkm: For Debian fans with a wild streak

  1. Theodore

    It is of benefit to me, i hate aptitude and would switch from apt-get to a nicer front-end for the console. Thanks

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