jupp: joe, with an extra shot of caffeine

Considering joe has supposedly been around since 1988, it shouldn’t surprise me that 16 years later, joe forked into jupp.

That’s a respectable age to be having offspring, in programming terms. But what surprises me is that jupp itself is nearly a decade old.


The jupp website claims it makes quite a few improvements to joe, not the least of which are security patches, unicode support, an onboard hex editor and syntax highlighting.

jupp does have the feel of joe wallowing in an extra shot of caffeine. All the joe goodness is there, but there’s a sense that jupp is slowly grinding its teeth, ready to chow down on some text file goodness.

And best of all (you know what I’m going to say) … latest update was only two weeks ago. 😀

All this is really just a reminder that there are more text editors out there than just emacs and vim (and nano).

For every persnickety complaint you might have about the editor you use now, there’s probably a fork or a patch or a whole new project that does things the way you like. Don’t be afraid to look around. 😉

3 thoughts on “jupp: joe, with an extra shot of caffeine

  1. Jon Doe

    “And best of all (you know what I’m going to say) … ”
    I thought you mean color.

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