jn: Almost a victim of seven years of empty-headed blogging

It seems like a long time ago I finally put fingers to keys and started up an awful waste of digital space, the erstwhile former blog.

Fate must be laughing to see me still tapping away at the keyboard, with a dozen things more important all waiting in a line, just so I can rehash jn for you.


jn is a simple and smooth journal tool that Ben put together almost four years ago, and I mentioned once on the old site.

Quite foolishly, I uploaded the source code (with Ben’s permission, of course) to omploader.org, which has since vanished in a puff of smoke.

Yet another victim of progress. How many image hosts and file hosts have I outlived now? Three? Four? 😕

No matter. Despite being rather empty-headed at times, I have done well by keeping old e-mail messages, and I found the source package there. So here again, on a different host this time, is the source code for Ben’s jn program.

It will take a little effort to get jn working; note that the placement of the tmp file needs to be open to editing.

Also, the “installer” tacks the jn command on to .bashrc, which might not do anything for a strict console-only environment, or if your login only goes through .bash_profile.

I don’t think Ben ever finished this tool, and so it might seem crude or rough around the edges. But hey, you’re the high wizard of code, you can do something about it. 😉

3 thoughts on “jn: Almost a victim of seven years of empty-headed blogging

  1. Ian Munsie

    Put it up on github before someone goes and forks it!
    Even if you have no intention of maintaining it at least if it gets forked on github people can find the forks pretty easily. If someone forks it from Google Drive there is no way to track it and everyone else interested will inevitably find this version and ignore it, or redo all the changes themselves.

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