jailkit: You must punish them, sir

I had the word “jail” — just “jail” 🙄 — in my list for the J-section, and as luck would have it no other information than that.

I know the idea of a jail has a special meaning to system administrators and networking, but trapping an online intruder in a phony system is just something I never even get close to.

I will mention jailkit though, as a step in that direction. I don’t have a screenshot for you today mostly because with my level of inexpertise, about the only thing I could get going was the man page. 😳

As I see it though, these are root-level utilities for building and maintaining a jail, checking its integrity and so forth. That man page sounds quite exciting.

If you find yourself in the business of building and maintaining a jail, these would no doubt cut the setup time, if not other chores. Best yet, the last update was in April.

As for the original “jail” from my list … I don’t think I shall ever be sure. 😦