jabber.el: emacs gains another level

My apologies to the vim contingent for dragging emacs out into the light again, but it’s pertinent and it starts with the letter J: jabber.el.


In AUR as emacs-jabber, this implants a jabber-based messaging client inside emacs. Good grief, is there anything emacs doesn’t do?! 😉

By most accounts this has been around for a while and I had only moderate difficulty setting it up; the instructions for 0.7.90 on this wiki were very helpful. Without them, jabber.el could never connect to the Talk server. 😕

Beyond that, as you can see, I didn’t do much to add contacts. Mostly because I wanted to see if I could spawn a black hole by telling emacs-jabber to connect to myself.

No such luck. I guess emacs doesn’t do everything … yet. 😯 🙄

3 thoughts on “jabber.el: emacs gains another level

  1. yannanth

    Hardly anyone uses Jabber, unfortunately. The only major user now (in my circle of friends at least) is Facebook, and the online client is much more powerful. I just keep Facebook open instead of using this, as much as I love me some Emacs. All my other friends are on Skype, which uses a proprietary protocol (that’s surprisingly good; even the Linux client).

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