ix: Great name, good tool

I am severely limited on time today, but I have a short break here to write quickly about ix.


ix is another command-line pastebin-style tool, and will pump text or code or files of a legible sort to a great repository in the sky, returning you an address you can keep or disseminate.

ix is not the first tool like this, and without a doubt there will be more. ix struck me as useful though, if only because it gives you terse and short addresses to manage, and because you can straightaway overwrite a remote snippet, without too much hassle.

In other words, it’s less time to type out a wordy location, and you don’t have to keep track of addresses if you update one. Stake your claim and return to it at will.

I think that’s about it; ix has a few other options you can check in the help flags.

Unfortunately I’m very tight on time today, so I leave it to you to explore more. More tomorrow, I promise. 😉