ispell: With this, yes you can

Spellcheckers are in no short supply at that console, and we’ve already seen aspell in action. ispell is similar, even if the interface is a little different.


By comparison, ispell seems a bit meticulous. One of the reasons I liked aspell was because it showed a list of alternatives by default.

As best I can tell, if you want to look up a word, not only will you need another package like words, you’ll have to ask ispell specifically to poke around for it.

ispell does show you what it thinks is the right word, and it may be that there are several that are similar.

As I understand it, ispell has better support for European languages, but I can’t attest to that. Check and see what you think.

Aside from that there’s not much that will surprise you about ispell. It behaves much as you might expect, and depending on your personal preferences, it might be more useful than the competition. 😉

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