ised: Compact power for calculating

I suppose I should not be surprised that every console calculator I encounter is quite powerful and perhaps even complex.

After all, what use would a dull, punch-button calculator be, beyond balancing your checkbook?

ised is no exception, although it seems to take a different approach from some others seen thus far.


Borrowing from the man page, ised works with arrays and returns arrays as output. ised follows calculations in the order they appear, and without any array, ised just works as a command-line calculator.

Superficially, ised seems to stick to one-line of calculation like concalc, whereas some other calculators might trap the console to run their own environment — a la bc or calc.

The fun part is watching ised generate number patterns, like strings of primes, or Fibonacci sequences.

ised can handle some very complex strings as well as a lot of higher-order mathematical functions, meaning it could be preferable to some other command-line calculators.

Depending on your project, ised might be useful. Of course, it could also balance your checkbook for you. 🙄

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