Bonus: More links, of varying importance

I’ve collected quite a few unrelated links in the last few months, and as a way of getting them out of my bookmarks but still preserving them, I shall share them here.

No order of importance is implied, of course. This is just how they were sorted by Firefox.

  • was forwarded by e-mail to me a few days ago, and that’s a keeper. I work at less than 1024×768, so its not as useful because some of the information gets spilled off screen, but I can visit that on an alternate machine and still enjoy it.
  • For what it’s worth, most of the screenshots I share are done in the framebuffer specifically to show a console-only environment. These days inside X, I’m enthralled by Musca again, mostly because it has sane defaults, is easy to configure and manages screen space with razorlike precision. Again, important at 1024×768. 😉
  • Before you trundle off to the nearest Linux forum du jour and ask the tired old chestnut about which hardware works perfectly with kernel 7.103.21, stop off at and see if the answer is available already. You’ll be doing yourself, and all of us, a favor. Me? I don’t need that. I just buy stuff and random and then hammer it into working condition. 😈
  • Also in the graphical desktop department, it’s true I am responsible for cold sweats and recurring nightmares by concocting a dead-ringer XP Classic desktop a few years ago. For a Luna-esque version, you could start with XFCE and a few small adjustments, seeing as the RedmondXP theme is readily available. Start here for hours of torture — I mean, visual enjoyment on your Linbox. Hey, while you’re at it, why not go all the way. … 😯
  • I’m also responsible for some degree of proselytizing for the Church of Rtorrent, and not but a day ago someone clever pointed out that through a few minor configuration changes, it is in fact possible to hotwire rtorrent to send specific files to specific folders, and watch others for similarly organized torrents. Now whether you love rtorrent or hate it, that’s worth a little applause even just for effort.
  • Oddly enough, even at this late date I still get notes (particularly from Astute Reader Number One) saying they enjoyed the vitriolic rants against the general state of the world that occasionally populated the old blog. I have no reply to that, but prefer to detour fans of that ilk to X11 Must Die, which is a good read on an almost-daily basis. Plus one point for DebianJoe for being an sc fan. 😉
  • I kick myself sometimes for relying too much on unetbootin, particularly because recent versions have resulted in a lot of non-bootin’ flash drives. I am particularly stumped as to whether the problem is with me, with syslinux or with the unetbootin project on the whole, but either way I should really be stepping through the process and building them myself. It’s not hard, as this Crunchbang thread explains. “I will work harder,” Boxer said. … 🙄
  • Debian is so fat. So overweight. So much a burden on my system. So incredibly bloated and obese. It’s a porker. It’s a blob. It’s cruft on the megalithic scale. Why else would there be a wiki page entitled “Reduce Debian“?
  • My last stabs at Twitter/ clients fell flat, but according to some, it’s possible to update a Twitter account with just curl. No need for an intermediary program. You can tell me if it’s possible or not (John says it’s not); personally I view Twitter as a detriment to a personality. If I meet you in person and you tell me your Twitter account (it has happened), I’ll likely regard you as an inferior creature for the rest of our mutual acquaintance. That, or just assume you suffered a brain injury as a child. 👿
  • If you’re trapped in Windows and there is no possibility of escape, but you love your Tux as much as the next geek, you might want to look into unxutils, which supposedly builds some core Unix tools to run in a Windows environment. I can’t vouch for them and it may be that the project is way out of date, but it’s worth a try. If nothing else, you could avoid that error that crops up when you type ls in a Windows CMD box. For the hard-core late-model DOS-fanatic crew only, take a spin past this catalogue.
  • Finally, just for the record, it is apparently possible to update Windows through almost every version from DOS5.5 DOS5.0 through Windows 7, without losing most basic function. Or at least in a virtual machine. I realize that’s an odd link for a Linux software blog, but I like to think that maybe, just maybe, there’s an old computer out there somewhere with the potential to be used, and if it takes a jump from 5.5 to Win3.1 to do it, I’m a fan. 😉

I think that’s it for now. That’s a very random collection of stuff, but at least now I can trim down my bookmarks. 🙄

6 thoughts on “Bonus: More links, of varying importance

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      It’s not just microblogging, it’s blogging in general. I know some people find it useful or entertaining but blogging on the whole is not at all appealing to me. Ironic, isn’t it? 🙄

      I spoke poorly of Twitter et al., because more than once a random person whom I’ve known for all of 10 minutes has foisted their Twitter address upon me. It seemed then (and still does now) very shallow.

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      Good to know, thanks. I probably should have researched that a little better before throwing it out there.

  1. gewg_

    Micros~1 got DOS 5 as right as they intended on the first try. I don’t know of a DOS that went beyond 5.0. The only references to DOS 5.5 that I found with a quick search are for Word 5.5 for DOS.

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      You’re right; I checked the video and it’s marked on the screen as 5.0. I’ll change it in the text. Thanks.

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