ipsc: The nitty-gritty details

I will continue to swear I have very little networking expertise, probably for as long as I continue to draw breath.

My underlying rationale is that, having managed little more than home networks, I just don’t have the length and breadth of experience.

So while tools like ipsc are kind of cool, there’s not much in practical use that I can really get from it.


There’s plenty of information there, but I couldn’t tell you what most of it means. I am sure that there are bona-fide network gurus who can see all sorts of useful nitty-gritty details in that.

I don’t mind if a tool is beyond my grasp; it’s interesting to learn about these things and watch them in action. Even if it’s little more than random info to me.

ipsc is in AUR but not Debian; the irony is that the Arch version actually pulls source and patches from Debian and Ubuntu repos. All the way back to Dapper Drake … wow, I remember those days, when you could put Gnome on a 550Mhz Celeron. … 😀

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