iptables: It’s better if I don’t explain

I thought perhaps, a month or so ago, that I would walk through iptables slowly and carefully, since it’s a tool that’s very useful and in just about every distro.

But as seems to be the case these days, I keep finding better explanations already published on the ‘net, by people with much more experience than me.

Times like this reinforce the need not to repeat information endlessly, especially when — to be honest — networking and firewalls are not my strongest points. πŸ˜•

So what I’ll do is give a few links to the better tutorials that I found, and not waste anyone’s time by polluting the Internet with repeated information.

Listed not in any particular order:

Sorry if this looks like a cop-out, but what I realized after starting my own weak-sauce “tutorial,” was that many other people had already done it, and much better. 😐

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