inkscape: Yes, this too has a text-only mode

The second post for today is a bit of a thumbsucker. Yes, it’s true, Inkscape can handle some operations without a graphical component.


I know I shouldn’t be any less enthusiastic about Inkscape’s non-graphical abilities than I should about imagemagick‘s vast repository of non-graphical abilities.

I guess my loyalties lie with the software that’s intended to work without X, et al., as opposed to software that offers command-line functions as a matter of course.

So yes, while the Gimp and avidemux and handbrake and a bunch of other tools can, technically work without a visual element, I get the distinct sensation that they do so under duress. 😐

Let’s move on. …

8 thoughts on “inkscape: Yes, this too has a text-only mode

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  2. Guido

    I found the text-only mode to be very practical. When I was writing a thesis, I used inkscape to draw illustrations. The text-only mode allows for very nice scripting, e.g. update all outdated graphics before building the pdf from my latex-files. So it has its uses 🙂

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