imdbmoviefetcher: I’ll give you three guesses

I love it when a program’s name tells you exactly what it does. That’s just good marketing.

There are a few command-line interfaces to out there; this one is doing a pretty good job but might need a little nudging.


imdbmoviefetcher, as you can see, seems to be including some information that isn’t quite … correct. I don’t remember Tina Turner in The Matrix.

No matter, what’s obviously needed here is just a little code update to get the correct information cropped away from the extraneous.

Ah, but the home page for imdbmoviefetcher is not responding. This is bad sign. … 😦

Well, given that in most cases, what I’m after is a URL or a release date, imdbmoviefetcher does a good job avoiding all the clutter that I would download if I used the site straightaway.

And color! Did I mention color? I do enjoy seeing text-based programs in color. 🙄